[F-117A Night Hawk in Southern California sunset. (Photo by  LM Aero Photographer - Judson Brohmer)]

Operational Lifetime

October 15 1982 - April 22 2008

Flight Lifetime

June 18 1981 - August 11 2008

Progam Lifetime

1974 - August 11 2008

The F-117A Night Hawk, the world's first stealth fighter. A comprehensive history of the F-117A program from conception through current operations. www.f-117a.com
[What you can't see, Can hurt you.]

www.f-117a.com "The Black Jet" website is a not-for-profit, non-sponsored web site dedicated to the most advanced and most unique aircraft ever built - the Lockheed F-117A "Night Hawk". This website is not only a tribute to the aircraft, but to those that were responsible for the F-117A through its various stages.