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AT-38 Talon

4450th TG/37 TFW/37 FW

T-38A and AT-38

In January 1989, just three months after the USAF admitted the F-117A existed, the elder A-7's were replaced with newer T-38A and AT-38B Talon trainers. Many of these "Talons" formerly belonged to the 4447th TS "Red Hats" that flew "aquired" Soviet aircraft at Groom Lake, Nevada. One of the AT-38B Talons even served as a USAF Thunderbird before being used in the Red Hats.

Most of the T-38s were reassigned to training units with the disbanding of the 37th FW.

Current Unit
Last Seen
T-38A 60-0553 14th FTW oct 98 Former 4477th TES
T-38A 60-0572 12th FTW may 00 Former 4477th TES
AT-38B 61-0848 80th FTW may 00
AT-38B 61-0851 12th FTW may 00 Former 4477th TES
T-38A 61-0870 Moffet Field apr 97 Withdrawn from Use
AT-38B 61-10367
AT-38B 61-10382 12th FTW may 00 Former 4477th TES
T-38A 65-10383 37th FW oct 91
AT-38B 68-8106 12th FTW may 00 Former 4477th TES
Former USAF Thunderbirds

49th FW


Prior to the F-117As arrival at Holloman, F-15s and AT-38s were the aircraft of the "Forty Niners". After the F-117As arrival, the Holloman AT-38s were operated by the 417 FS and wore a standard camoflauge pattern. This was later changed to a distinctive black paint job after the 417th became the 7th FS. Like the F-117As, originally the AT-38Bs wore just a 5 digit number. This was later changed to a small year prefix, three digit tail number, and a fin flash of three F-117A silouhettes on the tail.

Currently, the 7th CTS flies the AT-38 aircraft used for F-117A training.

Current Unit
Last Seen
AT-38B 64-13169 14th FTW apr 97 Last seen 49 FW jun 94
T-38A 64-13175 7th CTS oct 00
T-38A 65-10373 7th CTS may 00
T-38A 65-10376 7th CTS jul 01
T-38A 65-10455 7th CTS mar 01
T-38A 66-8376 7th FS aug 96
T-38A 67-14831 7th CTS jan 00 Seen at Lear-Siegler may 00
T-38A 67-14833 7th CTS aug 01
T-38A 67-14847 7th FS oct 95
T-38A 67-14939 7th CTS nov 99
T-38A 68-8139 7th CTS jun 01
T-38A 68-8141 7th CTS apr 01
T-38A 68-8150 7th CTS aug 01
T-38A 68-8172 7th CTS may 01

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