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Deployments and Combat

Iraq 1998 (#1)
Nov. 11, 1998-Nov 15, 1998
Deployment: Kuwait (Halted halfway at Moron AB Spain)
Action: None

On Nov. 11, 1998 the Department of Defense ordered deployment of an air expeditionary force of 12 F-16CJs, 12 F-15C's and -D's, 12 F-16s and six B-1s. Besides the AEF, four more F-16CJs, 12 F-117s, 12 B-52s, two EA-6B;s and 12 Marine Corps F/A-18s were ordered to augment other combat forces already in the Arabian Gulf region. President Clinton authorized the deployment after Iraqi president Saddam Hussein refused to comply with U.N. resolutions by suspending all dealings with U.N. weapons inspectors.

"We're ready," said Brig. Gen. William J. Lake, 49th FW commander. "This is the fourth time we've been called upon since the end of the Gulf War. We deployed six F-117 Nighthawks in late 1996. We deployed six in late 1997, and another six in February of this year. We don't relish in the thought of sending our people into harm's way, but this is what we train and prepare for on a day-to-day basis at Holloman."

On Nov 14, 1998 10 F-117A's left Holloman AFB en route to the Persian Gulf. Because of tanker support problems 4 of the aircraft had to return to Holloman. On Nov 15, 1998 President Clinton decided to postpone military action on Iraq. The decision to halt the buildup has left U.S. combat and support aircraft spread between Southwest Asia, Europe, and locations in the U.S. Some aircraft never left the United States, including 6 F-117As. The other four F-117A's were halted halfway to the gulf at Moron Air Base, Spain with some other aircraft. They remained at Moron poised to strike Iraqi forces if necessary. The were ordered to return to Holloman by Dec. 20.

Iraq 1998 (#2)
Dec 17, 1998
Deployment: Kuwait
Action: Excersizes

Dec. 16, 1998 both U.S. and British air and naval forces launched a series of air strikes against Iraq On Dec 17, 1998, 10 F-117A's were deployed as part of an air expeditionary wing in support of OPERATION DESERT FOX.

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