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[F-117A Webmaster with #783 at Platinum Nighthawk in June, 2001.]

A Word From the Webmaster

[I only wish I could type this fast!] I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my site. This site was a labor of love that took over a year to create and countless hours since then to update. This all started when one day I decided to search the web for some F-117A information. To my surprise there were only one or two sights that were of any quality regarding the F-117A, and those sights were very brief on the aircraft. I decided to create a site that was very thorough, educational for both the general public and the knowledgeable, and that would present interesting and unique graphics. I in no way did anything illegal to get this information. It is all available to the public-you just have to look real closely sometimes to find it. Most of the information came from books, with a minority coming from the web. The information here is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

[Yup....One of those days] This site wouldn't have been possible without the help of a couple of people. I would really like to thank Peter Merlin of the X-HUNTERS Aerospace Archeology Team. Peter has been more than gracious when it has come to answering any questions I may have had about the history of the F-117A program. Thanks for the support and guidence Pete; this site is what it is because of you. I also owe those who have contacted me that built, repaired, or flew the F-117A. (You guys know who you are.) This site is not only a tribute to the aircraft, but to those that were responsible for and took care of the F-117A through it's various stages. Also many have replied to my numerous postings on the newsgroup. To all of you-thank you. I would like to dedicate this site to my wife Rachel for putting up with the countless number of hours that I have been clicking away at the keyboard instead of doing the things that I should have been doing. Now you know what I have been dedicating my free time to.

[Photo of the F-117A Webmaster.]


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About the Webmaster

Currently I am 23 years old and attending college working towards an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering. It shouldn't come as a surprise that once I graduate I would like to work for one of the major aerospace companies doing design/development work (Northrop Grumman's Integrated Systems, Boeing's Phantom Works, and of course the Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Company-The Skunk Works) possibly in the UAV/UCAV field.

My obsession with the F-117A began when I was a little kid and my uncle gave me a Testor's model of the F-117A one Christmas shortly after the Pentagon lifted the black curtain surrounding the Nighthawk. (The model still sits in my closet at home unbuilt-no time as of yet.) Since then I have collected all the information I could about the F-117A from magazines, newspapers, and books. When I hit college I was introduced to this thing called "the web" and you can see what transpired.

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