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Fallen Comrades

The F-117A and Skunk Works communities are a tight-knit group of highly skilled and motivated people. Here the memories and accomplishments of those departed are recorded for all to see.

NOTE: For now, send me an email if you have a loved one that once was part of the F-117A Program and would like their name included below. Eventually, I hope to find a memorial service that offers free memoriual/tribute pages to those who would like to create one.

Dick Abrams1995Lockheed
Brig Gen James S. Allen08/23/19974450th TG4450 TG Commander
Bandit #158
Arlington National Cemetery Website
Bruce John Boland07/05/95Lockheed34 years on A-12, SR-71, U-2, and F-117
Lt. Gen. Robert M. Bond05/26/84USAFInvolved with F-117A development/aquisition
Dr. Gene Bouchard, Jr.1952?05/07/01LockheedOriginal Skunkworks "fellow"
News story
Col. Leonard "Leo" Collis Broline07/29/5102/01/9637th TFWBandit #313
Personal Tribute page
Capt. Kenneth W. "Buck" Levens05/10/9549th FWBandit #461
Lieutenant General David McCloud02/15/4507/26/19984450th TGBandit #201
Arlington National Cemetery Website
Maj. Ross E. Mulhare07/11/864450th TGBandit #198
Bill Park03/17/1996LockheedTest Pilot
Ben Rich01/05/95Lockheed"Father of F-117A"
Capt. Dutch Riefler19844450th TGBandit #166
Maj. Michael C. Stewart10/14/874450th TGBandit #231
Group Capt. Graham Wardell06/06/199937th TFWRAF Bandit #282
Tribute page/last flight photos

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