[Platnum Nighthawk: 20 Years of Stealth (LM Aero-Palmdale)]

20 Year Celebrations

CTF Celebration flyer]

Platinum Nighthawk Celebration
CTF First flight 20th Anniv.
June 21-23, 2001
Palmdale, Ca

This celebration is geared toward those who work in the CTF. See the flyer at the right for details. RSVP by May 30, 20001

Non-Lockheed employees can attend:

All other events are for Lockheed employees only. For more details, please see the Platinum Nighthawk Celebration Website.

"Tonopah +20"
June 27-30, 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada

This wil be the BIG celebration and is geared toward anyone and everyone who was part of the F-117A family. The general public is also invited. Spectulative details are:

For more details, please see the Tonopah +20 Celebration Website.

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