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F-117A Serial Listings

"For security reasons, I cannot provide you with a list of aircraft serial numbers."
49th Fighter Wing Public Affairs (understandably so) in email to F-117A Webmaster


There have been a couple of emails post 9-11-01 concerning this page and the information presented. The F-117A Webmaster does EVERYTHING possible to ensure OPSEC of those serving the USA around the world. Current squadron assignments and deployed serial number listings are NEVER published by the F-117A Webmaster!!!

Most of the information presented below was first published in book form in 1991 by Jim Goodall (cited to the USAF) , again in 1994 in the OFFICIAL Skunk Works history by Jay Miller, and the remaining published in 1999 by Paul Crickmore (not cited). Because of these books' wide avalability through amazon.com and other comercial venues, the F-117A Webmaster made the decision that presenting the information below would not reveal any information not already published and readily available in MULTIPLE MAINSTREAM venues.

F-117A Airframes
Article # First
Flight StatusComments
N/AN/A 777N/AN/A N/ARetired*Full Airframe
N/AN/A 778N/AN/A N/ARetired*Forward fuselage/cockpit
N/AN/A 779N/AN/A N/ARetired*Mid fuselage/weapons bay
FSD-11 79-1078006/18/81Hal Farley N/ARetired"Scorpion 1"
FSD-21 79-1078109/24/81Dave Ferguson N/ARetired"Toxic Death" (formerly "Scorpion 2")
FSD-31 79-1078212/18/81Tom Morgenfeld N/AOperational"Scorpion 3"
Assigned to 410th Flight Test Squadron
FSD-41 79-1078306/07/82Tom Morgenfeld N/AOperational"The Dragon" (formerly "Scorpion 4")
Assigned to 410th Flight Test Squadron
FSD-51 79-1078404/10/82Bob Riedenuer N/AOperational"Scorpion 5"
Assigned to 410th Flight Test Squadron
12 80-078504/20/82Bob Riedenuer NoneLost 04/20/82First production aircraft
22 078607/15/82Hal Farley 09/02/82Operational"War Pig"
32 80-078707/20/82Hal Farley 08/23/82Operational"Pete's Dragon"
42 078809/08/82Tom Morgenfeld 10/22/82Operational
52 078910/72/82Hal Farley 11/17/82Operational"Black Magic"(formerly "Night Stalker")
62 079011/11/82Skip Holm 12/11/82Operational"Deadly Jester"(formerly "Obsidian")
72 079111/22/82Skip Holm 12/13/82Operational"Lazy Ace", 33 D.S. Missions
83 81-1079212/09/82Skip Holm 12/22/82Lost 06/11/86
93 81-1079301/20/83Skip Holm 02/01/83Lost 09/15/97"Wiley E. Coyote's Tritonal Express"
103 81-1079404/15/83Skip Holm 04/15/83Operational"Delta Dawn"
113 81-1079506/09/83Hal Farley 09/09/83Operational
123 81-1079606/23/83Tom Morgenfeld 08/04/83Operational"Fatal Attraction"
133 81-1079708/03/83Tom Morgenfeld 08/31/83Operational"Spell Bound", 8 or 9 DS missions(lowest)
143 81-1079808/25/83Dave Ferguson 10/03/83Operational"Aces and Eights"
154 079909/22/83Dave Ferguson 10/28/83Operational"Midnight Rider"
164 080011/10/83Hal Farley 12/07/83Operational
174 82-080112/21/83Tom Morgenfeld 02/15/84Lost 08/04/92"Perpetrator", 38 D.S. Missions
184 080205/07/84Dave Ferguson 04/06/84Operational"Black Magic"
194 080305/08/84Hal Farley 06/22/84Operational"Unexpected Guest"
204 080405/25/84Dave Ferguson 06/20/84Operational
214 82-080507/05/84Tom Morgenfeld 08/03/84Operational
224 080608/20/84Dave Ferguson 09/12/84Lost 03/27/99"Something Wicked"
235 080709/13/84Dave Ferguson 11/28/84Operational"The Chickenhawk"
245 080810/29/84Dave Ferguson 12/20/84Operational"Thor"
255 080901/03/85Dave Ferguson 04/16/85Operational
265 081001/18/85Dave Ferguson 02/14/85Operational"Dark Angel"
276 081103/08/85Tom Morgenfeld 03/29/85Operational"Double Down"
286 84-081205/01/85Dave Ferguson 06/12/85OperationalUnnamed,flown by Brian "Axel" Foley
42 DS missions (highest)
297 85-081306/07/85Hal Farley 07/10/85Operational"The Toxic Avenger"
307 081407/26/85Hal Farley 09/05/85Operational"Final Verdict"
317 081509/13/85Hal Farley 10/31/85Lost 10/14/87
327 081610/30/85Tom Morgenfeld 12/20/85Operational"Lone Wolf"
337 081701/09/86Dave Ferguson 02/28/86Operational"Shaba"
347 081802/11/86Hal Farley 05/22/86Operational"The Overachiever"
357 081904/14/86Dave Ferguson 04/24/86Operational"Raven Beauty"
367 082005/02/86Dave Ferguson 06/19/86Operational
378 86-082106/20/86Tom Morgenfeld 08/01/86Operational"Sneak Attack"
388 85-082208/18/86Dave Ferguson 09/18/86Lost 05/11/95
398 082310/07/86Dave Ferguson 12/04/86Operational
408 082411/23/86Dave Ferguson 12/17/86Operational
418 082501/29/87Tom Morgenfeld 03/25/87Badly Damaged"Mad Max"
428 082603/02/87Dave Ferguson 03/25/87Operational "Nachtflake"
438 082704/07/87Hal Farley 05/18/87Operational
448 082805/15/87Dave Ferguson 06/17/87Operational
459 082907/10/87Hal Farley 11/27/87Operational"Avenging Angel"
469 083009/03/87Hal Farley 11/27/87Operational"Black Assasin"
479 85-083110/20/87Tom Morgenfeld 11/27/87OperationalAssigned to 410th Flight Test Squadron
489 083212/10/87Tom Morgenfeld 02/11/88Operational"Once Bitten"
499 083302/19/88Dave Ferguson 05/25/88Operational"Black Devil"
509 083404/29/88Tom Morgenfeld 05/27/88Operational"Necromancer"
519 083506/30/88Tom Morgenfeld 08/15/88Operational"The Dragon"(former DET 1, 57 FWW)
529 85-083609/21/88Tom Morgenfeld 10/19/88Operational "Christine"
5310 083712/08/88Hal Farley 02/22/89Badly Damaged 5/99"Habu II"
5410 083803/17/89Hal Farley 05/24/89Operational"Magic Hammer"
5510 083906/14/89Hal Farley 08/14/89Operational"Midnight Reaper"
5610 084009/12/89Jim Thomas 11/01/89Operational"Black Widow"
5711 084112/07/89Jim Thomas 03/08/90Operational"Mystic Warrior"
5811 084203/13/90Jim Thomas 03/28/90Operational"It's Hammertime"
5911 88-084305/11/90Hal Farley 07/12/90Operational "Affectionately Christine", Final aircraft
Spare10+ N/AN/AN/A 04/05/90Spare Fuselage (Insurance)
Spare10+ N/AN/AN/A 05/15/90Spare Right Wing (Insurance)
Spare10+ N/AN/AN/A 06/08/90Spare Left Wing (Insurance)
Spare10+ N/AN/AN/A 06/29/90Spare Right Wing (Insurance)
Spare10+ N/AN/AN/A 08/09/90Spare Left Wing (Insurance)

*Note: Airframe #'s 777-779 were structural test articles

[Skunkworks gate guard. (LMSW photo by Denny Lombard)]
Viewable F-117A's
Article # Location Comments
778Skunk Works (Palmdale)"Mutt" Gate Guardian
779Skunk Works (Palmdale)"Mutt" Gate Guardian (Mid Fuselage and cockpit)
79-10780Nellis AFBGate Guardian (FSD-1)
79-10781Wright Patterson AFBU.S. Air Force Museum(FSD-2)
785Skunk Works (Palmdale)"Mutt" Gate Guardian (Right Wing and Aft Fuselage)
82-0801Skunk Works (Palmdale)"Mutt" Gate Guardian (Right Wing-90% rebuilt, now Left Wing)

[Toxic Avenger Noseart.(LMSW)]

F-117A performance in the Gulf War
SquadronAircraft Name# of
786416th TFS"War Pig"24
789415th TFS"Black Magic"(formerly "Night Stalker")31
790415th TFS"Deadly Jester"(formerly "Obsidian")30
791415th TFS"Lazy Ace"33
793415th TFS"Wiley E. Coyote's Tritonal Express"33
794415th TFS"Delta Dawn"35
796415th TFS"Fatal Attraction"29
797416th TFS"Spell Bound"8(lowest)
798415th TFS"Aces and Eights"34
799416th TFS"Midnight Rider"21
801415th TFS"Perpetrator"38
802416th TFS"Black Magic"19
803416th TFS"Unexpected Guest"33
806415th TFS"Something Wicked"39
807415th TFS"The Chickenhawk"14
808415th TFS"Thor"37
810416th TFS"Dark Angel"26
811415th TFS"Double Down"33
812415th TFSUnnamed,flown by Brian "Axel" Foley 42(highest)
813416th TFS"The Toxic Avenger"35
814416th TFS"Final Verdict"34
816415th TFS"Lone Wolf"39
817416th TFS"Shaba"18
818415th TFS"The Overachiever"38
819416th TFS"Raven Beauty"30
821415th TFS"Sneak Attack"32
825415th TFS"Mad Max"33
826415th TFS"Nachtflake"29
829416th TFS"Avenging Angel"23
830416th TFS"Black Assassin"31
832416th TFS"Once Bitten"30
833416th TFS"Black Devil"30
834416th TFS"Necromancer"34
835416th TFS"The Dragon"26
836416th TFS"Christine"39
837416th TFS"Habu II"31
838416th TFS"Magic Hammer"36
839415th TFS"Midnight Reaper"39
840416th TFS"Black Widow"32
841416th TFS"Mystic Warrior"18
842416th TFS"It's Hammertime"33
843415th TFS"Affectionately Christine"33

[Canopy from #806.()]

Aircraft Losses
Article # Date Cause Comments
80-078504/20/82Crossed ControlsFirst production F-117A
81-1079207/11/86Spatial DisorientationMaj. Ross E. Mulhare killed
81-1079309/14/97Missing Support Bolts33 Desert Storm Missions
85-080108/04/92Incorrect Installation of Air Duct38 Desert Storm Missions
Probable enemy fire
39 Desert Storm Missions
Lost over Yugoslavia during OPERATION
Pilot rescued by CSAR Teams
83-081510/14/87Spatial DisorientationMaj. Michael C. Stewart killed
85-082205/10/95Spatial DisorientationCapt. Kenneth W. Levens killed

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