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F-16 crash kills former Lockheed photographer Judson Brohmer

Judson Brohmer

On Tuesday, July 17, 2001, at about 7am, Pilot Maj. Aaron George of the 416th Flight Test Squadron at Edwards Air Force Base and Judson Brohmer of Tehachapi, an aerial photographer under contract to the Air Force Flight Test Center, were killed in the crash of an Edwards based F-16B while on a test sortie to chase and film the launch of the Miniature Air-Launch Decoy (MALD) from a second F-16, also from the 416th Flight Test Squadron.

"Our hearts and prayers go out to the George and Brohmer families along with the entire Edwards community during this time of sorrow," Congressman Howard P. "Buck" McKeon said in a statement. "These brave men shall always be remembered and honored for their service to our nation, and for their ultimate sacrifice in defense of America's freedom."

Maj. Gen. Doug Pearson, Air Force Flight Test Center commander, said, `I deeply regret the loss of these two highly regarded members of our flight test community; my heart goes out to their wives and children. We embrace their families and friends to aid them in this time of grief. The Air Force family, from near and far, will come together to provide support and comfort in the days ahead."

Judson Brohmer was a former Lockheed Martin photographer who in March 2001, left his job at the F-22 Combined Test Force to work as a freelance photographer. While a Lockheed Martin photographer, Judson Brohmer was featured along with other photographers in the January 2000 issue of Lockheed's "Code One" magazine:

[Judson Brohmer]"Judson Brohmer of the F-22 Combined Test Force at Edwards AFB, California, became an aerial photographer circuitously. "As a news producer first for CBS and then later for an ABC affiliate, I often drove by Edwards AFB on my way to and from Los Angeles. Watching the jets streak overhead, I didn't take long to figure out who had a more exciting job than I. So I quit the news and started my career at Edwards."
Well, not exactly. "I spent three years of ground-pounding to convince the powers-that-be to let me in the back seat. Ever since, I've had the time of my life. Starting with McDonnell Douglas on the C-17 program, I soon found myself working for just about every company in the business, from Embraer to Mitsubishi, Bede Jet to Boeing. Add in about twenty-seven others, and life got pretty busy. And then came the best opportunity of my life, Lockheed Martin and the F-22 program."
But talking about great aerial photography is one thing. "Truth be known, the pilots are what make it happen. At the F-22 CTF (and down the street at the F-16 test force), we have some of the greatest pilots I've ever flown with. Every picture I'm proud of has a story behind it that describes how the pilot managed to put us in that particular position-and often it was no small feat.
"And I absolutely love to fly. Nothing compares to the feeling of zooming along at forty or fifty thousand feet, skimming over wispy clouds, chasing the world's most advanced fighter. Or being down on the deck, bouncing all around as my F-16 rockets through canyons at two hundred feet above ground level. Reaching speeds pretty darn close to Mach"
The people Brohmer knew from his old news days?"They would love to have my job. Unfortunately for them, it's taken""

Photography of Judson Brohmer

[Photo by Judson Brohmer] [Photo by Judson Brohmer] [Photo by Judson Brohmer]
[Photo by Judson Brohmer] [Photo by Judson Brohmer] [Photo by Judson Brohmer]
[Photo by Judson Brohmer] [Photo by Judson Brohmer] [Photo by Judson Brohmer]
[Photo by Judson Brohmer] [Photo by Judson Brohmer] [Photo by Judson Brohmer]
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