Leo in front of his F117, 
holding open his flight suit to show a GD shirt

From the WELL:
gd conf Topic 1736: Johnny Law is alive and well in Southern CA

# 52: Leonard C. Broline (leo) Mon Nov 27 95(20:47)
Here's my experience in the *other* direction. I'm a military pilot, and a Deadhead. I flew the Stealth Fighter, and my crewchief in Saudi Arabia made me a Stealie license plate, to match the Stealie on my jet. Back stateside, I put the license plate on the front of my late model BMW. (In place of the required Calif plate). Roaring down Hwy 5 at a ridiculous rate, I got stopped by CHIPS. I thought I was a goner, owing to the GD plate. The officer meanders around to the front of the car, returns, and says "what happened to your front plate"? I related the above, and how I'm a Desert Storm Hero and all, and he writes me up for a $10 "fixer" ticket to put on my Calif plate, instead of a heavy speeding number. "I got no chance of losin' this time..."

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