Leo's Obituary

The following poem was found in Leo's wallet after his death.
We don't know anything about it other than it was
obviously important to him.

God and I in space alone
And nobody else in view
Where are the people, Oh Lord,
I said
The earth beneath, the sky
O'er head?
And the dead I once knew?
That was a dream, God
Smiled and said
A dream that ceased to be

There were no people, living
Or dead
No earth beneath, no sky
O'er head
There was only myself or me

And why do I feel no fear?
I said
Meeting you here this way?
For I have sinned, I know
Full well
And is there Heaven, and is
There Hell?
And is this Judgment Day ?

Nay, those were but dreams
The great god said
Dreams that have ceased
To be
There are no such things as
fear and sin
And you, yourself-you have
Never been
There is nothing at all but me

Author Unknown 9/23/94

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