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[7th FS Maintainer 'Friday' patch. (Webmaster's Private Collection)]

7th CTS

[7th FS Bunyaps.]

7th FS "Bunyaps"
Later 7th FS "Screamin Demons"
During Allied Force nicknamed 789th FS "Screamin Sheep in the Knight"
Currently 7th CTS (Combat Training Squadron) "Screamin Demons"

The 7th FS "Bunyaps" took over the RTU duties of the 417th FS in December 1993. Curiously, the devil-like creature in the "Bunyaps" emblem (approved in 1944) has survived the USAF's ban on satanic images even though the "Nightstalkers" and "Ghostriders" did not. The 7th FS was tasked with the flight training of future F-117A pilots with AT-38's and F-117A aircraft. The 49th TRS was tasked with the simulator and "bookwork" training for the F-117A and other Holloman assigned units. In 1999 the 49th TRS was deactivated, and the 7th took over both aspects of training.

June 24, 1993
commander Lt. Col. James Phillips Jr. takes command of the 7th FS (F-15 era).

December, 1993
The 417th FS deactivates and becomes the 7th FS "Bunyaps". 417th FS commander Lt. Col. John S. Farnham relenqueches command to current 7th FS commander Lt. Col. James Phillips Jr.

[7th FS Screamin Demons.] 1994
The 7th FS "Bunyaps" becomes the 7th FS "Screamin Demons". This change was in name only-the emblem remained the same and still featured the mythical fanged creature from Australian Aborigine lore.

November 9, 1994
Lt. Col. Gregory M. Nicholl takes command of the 7th FS.

October 7, 1996
Lt. Col. Richard A. Dunham II takes command of the 7th FS.

February 27, 1998
Lt. Col. Andrew W. Papp assumed command of the 7th FS.

February 11, 1998
The US Air Force announced that the 7th FS ("Screamin Demons"-Training) would be deactivated. Six of it's nine F-117A aircraft would be transferred to the 9th FS ("Flying Knights") and the 8th FS ("Black Sheep"). The remaining three aircraft would be put in "attrition reserve". All 15 T-38 trainers of the 7th will also be transferred to the 8th and 9th. The 49th TRS would retain the simulator and academic training role whereas the 8th and 9th would take over the actual flight training.

May 1998
The author learns that the announced deactivation of the 7th FS had come under heavy fire and a compromise would be made. The 7th FS would take over the duties of the 49th TRS allowing for it's deactivation instead.

[789th joke patch.] April 5, 1999 - June 25, 1999
During UN operation ALLIED FORCE, both the 8th FS and 9th FS deployed to Europe. This left half of the half of the F-117A fleet, maintainers, and pilots at Holloman AFB to continue operations. Realizing that most of the structure and senior officers were still left at Holloman, the remaining pilots from the other squadron were brought down to work out of the 7th. Although it's not uncommon to combine two combat-coded squadrons during a deployment., it was uncommon to combine a training squadron with a combat squadron. This combined unit was nicknamed the "789th".

[7th Combat Training Squadron.] June 17, 1999
The 49th TRS is inactivated. The 7th FS "Screamin Demons" assumes all training duties and becomes the 7th CTF (Combat Training Squadron) "Screamin Demons". In addition to the previous duties of initial F-117A pilot certification, the 7th picks ups the academic training for the F-117A, delegated previously to the 49th TRS. The inactivation of the 49th TRS and subsequent merging of people and assets from both squadrons represents the conclusion of a multi-pronged Quadrennial Defense Review action announced two years ago. The February 1999 inactivation of the 48th Rescue Squadron also fell under the same action. In this move the 7 F-117As assigned to the 7th are transferred to the 9th FS.

October 2000
The 7th CTS is scheduled to take over the Mission Combat Training (MCT)(???) that has always been performed by the individual operational squadrons. Previously, pilots would only receive F-117A flight qualification, not tactics, from the Training units.

[Lt. Col. Richard Wright. (Sunburst)] June 17, 1999
Lt. Col. Richard Wright, Jr. assumes command of the newly designated 7th CTF Squadron.


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