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[The 8th FS Black Sheep during the second half of Allied Force. (Lockheed Martin)]

8th FS Black Sheep

[Early F-117A 8th FS patch.]

8th FS "Black Sheep"
Also 8th EFS (Expeditionary Fighter Squadron)

The 8th FS "Black Sheep" took over the operations of the 416th FS on July 30, 1993. The 8th retains the Pacific contingency role for the F-117A.

January 29, 1993
Lt. Col. James P. Hunt assumes command of the 8th FS (F-15 era).

[8th FS patch.] July 30, 1993
The 416th FS deactivates and becomes the 8th FS "Black Sheep". The 416th FS commander Lt. Col. Michael T. Merritt relenquenches command of the F-117As to current 8th FS commander Lt. Col. James P. Hunt.

February 10, 1995
Lt. Col. Michael P. Sentor assumes command of the 8th FS.

June 14, 1996
Lt. Col. Michael S. Roller assumes command of the 8th FS.

June 27, 1997
Lt. Col. Gary R. Woltering assumes command of the 8th FS.

[First 8th EFS patch. [] February 21, 1999
Members of the 8th FS deploy to Avaino Air Base, Italy as the 8th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron under the xxxxxxx. The deployment was part of the buildup leading to Operation Allied Force.

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