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[Jim 'JB' Brown kicking off the activities.. (F-117A Webmaster)]

Platinum Nighthawk 5K RUNway
June 23, 2001

The Platinum Nighthawk 5K RUNway was an unexpected treat. The morning air was filled with excitement as the Lockheed JSF X-35B VSTOL acheived its first hover just an hour before over the hover pit at Site 10 a mile away.

The run/walk took place at the Palmdale Air Terminal, ran right next to Site 7, a quarter mile on runway 22, past site 5 (X-33/B1-B) and back to the terminal. For the $15 fee, runners recieved an autographed photo from two F-117A test pilots, a T-shirt, some small free trinckets, and (save the best for last) a pin FLOWN aboard an F-117A during the Thurday flyover at Edwards complete with certificate of authenticity. This last treat was a surprise, and worth the entry fee alone in the webmaster's opinion. Also, the 410th FLTS was there selling their goods. (They also make an appearence at the annual Edwards Open House)

Lead F-117A test pilot Jim "JB" Brown kicked off the event by taxing up #783, removing his running shoes from the HUD, and putting them on. During the run, the Dragon Test Team Commander took off and came around for a nice low flyby over the runner's heads on Runway 22. A couple of T-38s also took off during the run, but did not make a low pass for us.

[Flyby of the Dragon. (F-117A Webmaster)] [Flyby of the Dragon. (F-117A Webmaster)]

The run concluded with a raffle that included many cool stealth goodies and JB Brown taxiing #783 back to Site 7. As the raffle winded down, the number 5 was called for a plastic mug. It turns out that JB, sitting in the cockpit of #783 suited up ready to go with helmet an all was #5. JB shouted, waved, and proudly produced his #5 number from his flightsuit and placed it on the HUD of the Black Jet, much to the crowd's delight. A Kodak moment that the Webmaster missed, but one of the things that really sticks out in my mind for some reason.

[The TSPR modification buildings, the heart of Site 7. (F-117A Webmaster)] [Holloman T-38s at Site 7. (F-117A Webmaster)]
[Holloman T-38s at Site 7. (F-117A Webmaster)] [Holloman T-38s at Site 7. (F-117A Webmaster)]
[F-117A in one of 4 site 7 hangers. (F-117A Webmaster)] [Three 1950's era F-117A hangers and newer single hanger at Site 7. (F-117A Webmaster)]
[49th FW operational F-117A at Site 7. (F-117A Webmaster)]

It was a real treat to see a F-117A preflight occur yards infront of you, and to have the Black Jet taxi past within feet. A great end to what was a wonderful 20th Anniversary Celebration.

[Cockpit of #783 with Jim 'JB' Brown on the rail. (F-117A Webmaster)] [The Scorpion markings have recently been reapplied to the CTF -117s. (F-117A Webmaster)]
[Interesting noseart on #783.  An inside joke about one of JB's first taxis. (F-117A Webmaster)] [The Nighthawk silohette was recently applied the the nose gears. (F-117A Webmaster)]
[The 410th emblem on #783.  Anyone notice anything funny in this photo? (F-117A Webmaster)] [Another side shot with antennas extended. (F-117A Webmaster)]
[Beautiful shot of #783. (F-117A Webmaster)] [Edwards tailcode and Material command sheild on #783's tail. (F-117A Webmaster)]

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