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[F-117A test four ship formation. (AV Press)]

Platinum Nighthawk Hanger Party
June 21, 2001

[F-117A operational four ship formation. (Lockheed Martin photo by Judson Brohmer)] The Platinum Nighthawk Hanger Party was a huge success. It was kicked off by a 12 ship formation F-117A flyover. The first 4 aircraft represented the operational F-117A community were from Holloman AFB and were led by the 49th FW ship #842 flown by 49th FW commander Brig. Gen. Marc E. Rogers. The other ships were the 7th, 8th, and 9th FS jets each flown by the respective squadron commanders. The second 4 aircraft represented the test community and was composed of the Dragon (FOT& E) flown by xxxxxxx, and the 410th FLTS (IOT& E) aircraft #783, #784, and #831. The final four aircraft were T-38's from Holloman AFB.

[F-117A Platnum Nighthaw flyby. (F-117A Webmaster)] [F-117A Test aircraft and Holloman T-38s. (F-117A Webmaster)]
[49th FW operational 4 ship. (F-117A Webmaster)] [F-117A test 4 ship. (F-117A Webmaster)] [Holloman T-38s. (F-117A Webmaster)]
[F-117A Platnum Nighthaw flyby.. (F-117A Webmaster)]

After the formation flyby, the 410th FLTS commander xxxxx performed an aerial demonstration of the F-117A complete with pyrotechnics in #831. Brig. Gen. Rogers and XXXXXX then simultaniously taxied their aircraft into the hanger and proceeded to spool up the engines for the crowd. (The high-pitched whine was quite loud to say the least!) Both pilots exited their aircraft to the applause of the mostly Lockheed employeee crowd. The other F-117As and T-38s landed at Skunkworks in Palmdale and the pilots arrived at the party a little time later. (The Bandits later mentioned they gave the crowd at the end of the Plant 42 runway a "good show".)

[Spooling up the engines for the crowd! (F-117A Webmaster)]
[Spooling up the engines for the crowd! (F-117A Webmaster)]
[Spooling up the engines for the crowd! (F-117A Webmaster)]
[Brig. Gen. Rogers exiting from 49th FW jet #842. (F-117A Webmaster)]

There was then a discussion forum by former Have Blue pilot Ken Dyson, and former Baja Scorpions Hal Farley, Skip Anderson, and Dave Ferguson. (Tom Morganfeild could not attend because he was at the Paris Air Show representing the Lockheed X-35 JSF, but I hear he will be at the 2002 reunion!) In all, there were over 30 Bandits in attendance from all different periods. Also on display were MANY rare artifacts from th e F-117A program. The Platinum Nighthawk Hanger Party was a blast, and I look forward to the 2002 reunion.

[Ken Dyson, Hal Farley, Skip Anderson, and Dave Ferguson. (F-117A Webmaster)]
[Program Memorabilia.  Note the Spirit of America 783 with flag sweatshirt. (F-117A Webmaster)] [Webmaster with an A-7 Klingon Cloaking Device from the 1984 Korea deployment. (F-117A Webmaster)] [1/8th scale F-117A models in various paint schemes. (F-117A Webmaster)]

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