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Page born: April 01 2002

[49th FW Squadron jet in October 1999.(Photo by Warren Liebmann. www.silverreflection.com)]

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F-117A.com "The Black Jet" website is a not-for-profit* non-sponsored web site dedicated to the most advanced and most unique aircraft ever built - the Lockheed F-117A "Nighthawk". This website is not only a tribute to the aircraft, but to those that were responsible for the F-117A through it's various stages.

F-117A.com "The Black Jet" website accepts no commercial adverstising. If you have any original photos you would like to share, have a web site or know of any books, museums, etc. relating to the F-117A you think should be included, please email the webmaster at webmaster@f-117a.com.

www.f-117a.com Site News:


Third major overhaul of F-117A website completed.
All images thumbnailed, alt texts in place, optional fonts (maybe), and text only versions on-line.

March 22 2003

Changed copyright date on every page. Added information I thought appropriate from USAF POA and news media about Operation "Iraqi Freedom".

Aug 18 2002

Still working "back end" stuff on the site for smoother operations. Added news of the passing of aviation pioneer and A-12 first flight pilot Lou Schalk.
School starts up again in a week, so probably little work will get done now until Dec.

June 19-23 2002

Lots of work occuring offline.... including a much requested gallery. Added many user interface improvements including:

  1. "Email Page To Friend" button on every page page
  2. Optional "Red on Black" appearence, or printable/easy to read "Black on White" scheme
  3. Cookie to save appearence preference from page to page
  4. Dynamic page creation (starting anew from April 1, 2002) and last page update in header
  5. EVERY page validated HTML 4.0 Transitional!!! (Courtesy the World Wide Web Consortium)
Valid HTML 4.0!

March 11-15 2002

Quite busy during my spring break. Some new additions to the site: SFA Reunion popup notice, Platinum Nighthawk 5K photos, additions to the All Rights Reserved, and some cool interactive utilities in the devopment stages.


Added a VERY interesting page about the the 1990 deployment to England AFB and also added a placeholder for the future page CHALLANGE COINS.


Good news: Added even MORE stuff. Bad news: School starts soon so any future updates will be sparse. Added stuff to the Memorabilia and Buy Stealth Stuff pages. Created In Memory of.... page as a tribute to the men and women of thw F-117A community. Also created Wallpaper page so everyone can have cool desktop patterns. Finally, for my modelers out there, added the new tail fin flash from the 49th OG/FW on the Tailcodes page.


What DIDN'T I do! Ok, broke up the old LOSSES and DEPLOYMENTS pages so that those sections will be more prominent. Added placeholders for the future pages SEASHADOW, PROJECT SITES, PROGRAM PATCHES, RARE MEMORIBILIA, and BUY STUFF. Finally, added pages about SFA, 10th Celebration, Platinum Nighthawk (more comming soon), and the upcoming 2002 Tonopah +20 reunion. Also, added story on Site 7 page, and redid the Links page.


Finally done with the semester, hopefully lots of new stuff for the website. Added "Junkyard Wars" page under the news section.


Obtained alternate url "www.f17a.com". Changed web hosting company after about 1 month of downtime.


"F-117A Walkaround" by Jim Goodall is published by Squadron/Signal.


Added new F-117A Reunions/Celebrations page. Also revamped Alma Mater page


Over 50,000 hits with three years on the web! Thank you all!


Added new F-117A SPO, Upgrades I, Upgrades II, 49th Support Squadrons, and Past Support Squadrons pages. Info to come soon on those blank pages!


NOTE: There have been some server problems recently.
Added photos of commanders to new 4450th TG and 37th TFW/FW pages.


F-117A.com was selected as the site of the month by Jetzone2000:

Site of the Month January 2001
F-117A: The Black Jet

You can find the F-117 ugly or you can find it the most beautiful plane ever build. Fact is that the whole world was intrigued by it's appearance. The website 'F-117A: The Black Jet' offers you the best information on this machine. From the early development aircraft to the never build (or are they...?) projects. All the specifications, serial numbers and operations can be found in a well design way.

Be stunned about the amount of unclassified information on the site. Probably one of the best resources you ever find on this mysterious aircraft.


Lots of new stuff. New pages include: Books, Timeline III, Area 51, ATA "A/B", A/F-117X, entire Skunkworks, Units, Testing, and Operations sections. Went from 36 to 58 main pages on the site. Not everything up yet, but it will appear as I go!!!!


Added photo via Jim Goodall of 782 with US Flag on Senior Trend page. Current projects: Area 51 page, F-117A CTF (Baja Scorpions) page, Tomopah Test Range page.


Added page and links to download new USAF commercials featuring the 410th FLTS.


Been pretty busy with school folks!!
Added new website banner and feature to add f-117.com to a homepage. Updated informatation on "Allied Force" page including an article about the F-117A SPO delivering an upgrade in 32 days during the NATO operations.
"Vega 31: The Loss of F-117A #806" is now up. More information and photos soon to come!!!!


Updated informatation on "Loss of F-117A #792 and death of Major Ross E. Mulhare" page including an account written exclusivley for f-117a.com by Bill Marvel and Dave Lewis. Worked on finishing #806 subpages offline.


F-117A: The Black Jet Website moves to www.f-117a.com to better serve the public.


Website offline due to a disagreement with NBCi/Xoom.com.


Added Lockheed Hopeless Diamond/Northrop XST info and graphics to "XST" page. Almost done with site about the loss of #806 during Allied Force.


Added DIR information and graphics to "Upgrades" page.


Added F-117A escort accounts and F-117A aborted mission info to "Allied Force Missions" page and links to "Sources" page.


Added information to "SKUNKWORKS" page.


Third major overhaul of F-117A website published while in progress.
This Beta version still has MANY rough edges that I hope to fix shortly.
New look using HTML 4.0 and Cascating Style Sheets (CSS)1 standards.


Second major overhaul of F-117A website including new URL at xoom.com and a new name "F-117A: The Black Jet".


First major overhaul of F-117A website.


F-117A website debuts as the "F-117A: Aircraft Defense Information Center".

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